Why BSC Systems?

We assist businesses and organizations to improve their security posture while achieving compliance with regulatory requirements. This is accomplished at a reasonable, predictable cost and with minimum interference to our clients’ ongoing operations.

Our track record speaks for itself: Since 1999, 100 percent of our clients have achieved their Authority to Operate (ATO) under FISMA and HIPAA certification programs.


A Philosophy of Excellence

We have provided “trusted agent” services to senior managers on high visibility, complex projects. In addition to FISMA and HIPAA Support Services, our competencies include Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V), Information Security, Quality Engineering (QE), and Systems Safety Engineering.

We combine senior engineering talent with the latest technologies to meet or exceed customer requirements. Our achievements range from successful safety and security accreditation of network-enabled tactical weapon systems to information security operations of critical healthcare and financial systems.

Our team stays up-to-the-minute on changes in the U.S. regulatory landscape. Our reputation has put us on the short list of companies that the federal government asks to review proposed changes in their regulations and guidelines, such as NIST SP 800-53.

We are Veteran Owned and Small Business Certified

Our Pricing

First and foremost, there are no surprises with BSC. We price based on your requirements and also your preferences. You will always know in advance the price of specific services.

Additionally, if you are seeking ATO under more than one federal regulation program, for example, FISMA and HIPAA, we leverage our work so you need never repeat steps applicable to both programs.

It all begins with a free phone consultation.

Free Consultation

Remember, there is no charge for the initial phone consultation!