HIPAA Compliance

The U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is designed to protect the security and confidentiality of healthcare information and assist the healthcare industry in controlling costs.

BSC Systems will help you untangle the HIPAA audit process at a reasonable and predictable cost, and with minimal impact on operations.

Our track record speaks for itself: Since 1999, 100 percent of our clients have achieved their Authority to Operate (ATO) under FISMA and HIPAA certification programs.  

HIPAA Compliance

Getting Started

A free phone consultation helps us get to know your company and your needs. It also provides you the opportunity to ask questions about the U.S. regulatory landscape and how we can create for you a customized roadmap through that landscape to reach ATO.

The first step is a comprehensive assessment of your current facilities, policies, and practices that impact compliance with federal regulations, specifically HIPAA.

When the assessment is completed, you receive a report detailing our findings, including observations about your current readiness for a Federal Agency Audit.

What We Provide

We customize a strategy to get you ready for an audit. It includes:

  • Figuring your privacy level based on HIPAA Protected Health Information standards
  • NIST and CMS Assessment Tools
  • Assessment Plan and Checklists
  • Gap Analyses
  • Credentialed Scans to determine network vulnerability
  • Additional HIPAA-specific recommendations with corresponding Plan of Action & Milestones

We also provide HIPAA-compliant templates for System Security Plan (SSP), Security Assessment Plan (SAP), System Boundary Documents, Incident Response, Disaster Recovery, Contingency Plans, and Configuration Management Plan.

As we move through this process, we will visit your business. Our goal is to have a minimal impact on your operations while also giving your staff the opportunity to become familiar with having outsiders in your facility, asking questions.

During the site visits, we point out easy fixes to common issues that could trip you up during a Federal Agency Audit.

We partner with you and your staff throughout the process until you reach ATO and then provide continuous monitoring support so you maintain your security posture.

Our Pricing

First and foremost, there are no surprises with BSC. We price based on your requirements and also your preferences. You will always know in advance the price of specific services.

Additionally, if you are seeking ATO under more than one federal regulation program, for example, FISMA and HIPAA, we leverage our work so you need never repeat steps applicable to both programs.

Free Consultation

Remember, there is no charge for the initial phone consultation!