Our ‘No Surprises Pricing’ Pledge

We price based on your requirements and also your preferences. You will always know in advance the price of specific services.

Additionally, if you are seeking ATO under more than one federal regulation program, for example, FISMA and HIPAA, we leverage our work so you need never repeat steps applicable to both programs.


After our initial, free consultation, we promptly submit a quote that:

  • Defines the exact services and products to be provided
  • Specifies a schedule for completion of each deliverable
  • States a fixed price for each product
  • Confirms that payment depends on your approval of each product
  • Quotes a fixed hourly rate for any additional support that you desire and authorize

We are confident that our prices are competitive with other organizations providing similar services. And our approach of using senior, experienced security engineers guarantees that our work will be correct the first time and completely defensible to the approving authority.

Free Consultation

Remember, there is no charge for the initial phone consultation!